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Coned yarn is used in commercial applications because of greater quantity than balled or skeined yarn and because it allows the large knitting mchnes to knit uninterrupted. Home machine knitters use it for the same reason - they don't have to stop knitting and start a new ball of yarn. There are less ends to bury and yarn from a cone usually feeds into the machine easier. That's not to say that hand knitters can't use coned yarns, because they do. It's just not as easy to carry around when it's on a cone.

We have a large variety of yarns in balls and skeins and in a wide range of prices for the hand knitter. Machine knitters can also use these yarns, but you do need to wind them onto cones for the best results. We're exceptionally pleased to be able to bring you yarns from 3 US facilities: Brown Sheep Comapny, Kramer Yarn and Stonehedge Fiber Mill. Click here to see a list of our current yarns