Because of the Covid 19 restrictions the Slow Yarn Crawl is operating a bit differently at the start. You will buy a passport from your LYS and then you can shop on-line and when you make a purchse, the shop will include a sticker with your purchase to put in your passport.

At Knit-A-Bit, we created a scarf kit for you.

There are 4 different scarf kits (see below). The kits sell for $5 and contain approximately 64 yards of two different yarns.

The sliver/white kit contains a ribbon and a "railroad" yarn. The other three color combinations contain a mohair and a "railroad" yarn. Using a US10 circular needle, you can make a scarf that is 60 inches long and about 3 inches wide. You can buy a second kit and double the width or you can buy a second skein of "railroad" yarn and make the scarf wider by knitting 2 garter rides of the "railroad" yarn (my personal favorite). An extra skein of the "railroad" yarn is $2.50.
We also have two other kits you might like that also cost $5.

The first is a kit to make a crocheted necklace of "railroad" yarn (the kit even contains the crochet hook)

The second kit makes a primary color knitted ball, great for a baby or a pin cushion. This is a chance to learn short row techniques. The kit contains the necessry yarn and pattern.
Call us at 503-631-4596 if you would like to order any of these kits. Shipping would be $5 or you can stop by and pick one up.