HPKY Yarn Shawl
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Tannhauser - $29.00
Jewel Tones - purple, blue, green -- worsted weight, 408 yds.

This triangular shaped shawl was designed to use all of the three skeins of yarn (330 to 400 yds total). The intarsia method of knitting is used to join the various elements of the shawl: a mesh section to add interest, a seed stitch section to add texture and the garter edges that tie in with the garter at the end of the shawl.

The model was knit using the color Don Carlos.
Don Carlos - $27.00
Earth Tones - light brown, turquoise - worsted weight, 382 -408 yds.
Parsifal - $22.00
Muted Tones - purple, blue, green - heavy fingering weight, 330 yds